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Questions asked in Bingo
What is the best bingo strategy that you know of?
I know every betting based game has its own strategies, like poker. But I was wondering how bingo strategies work, and what is the best one out there. So, what is the best bingo strategy that you know...
2 answers
Posted by sayrobenn in 2014-10-16 15:46:15
How does playing online bingo feel like? Do you think it is worth the time?
I heard that the traditional bingo is more and more replaced with online bingo, and there are many sites that offer you the possibility to play online. How playing online bingo feels like? Do you thin...
2 answers
Posted by bettingmaster in 2014-10-16 14:40:08
Are there any circumstances in which I don`t need a bingo operating license?
I own a pub and I`m thinking of extend in order to have some bingo machines for my clients. I heard that you need to have a license for this. Are there any circumstances that allows you to have bingo ...
2 answers
Posted by modulin in 2014-10-08 15:26:41
What is your favorite online bingo hall?
I want to start playing online bingo but I don’t know where exactly to do this. What is your favorite online bingo hall and why? Probably you will inspire me and I will choose a good online bingo ha...
2 answers
Posted by Bordeaux in 2013-10-15 05:33:22
What are the Party Bingo offered languages?
In what languages is Party Bingo available ? Do they have English ? And how hard is it to change the languages? Is the interface user friendly?...
1 answers
Posted by facebet in 2013-10-15 05:23:39
What do you guys know about Foxy bingo online hall?
At Foxy Bingo you can now play 75 ball and 90 ball bingo also you can receive an welcome bonus of 200% at your first deposit. If you deposit 20 you receive 20 ,if you deposit 50 pounds you’ll get 10...
1 answers
Posted by manpus in 2013-10-15 05:18:06
Can I play Unibet Bingo games on my iphone?
At Unibet, you can play directly on your mobile you have an iPhone, Android, mobile or regular phone with WAP and the best thing is that you dont have to download anything only type m.unibet.com in yo...
2 answers
Posted by manunited in 2013-10-14 12:57:52
What is your experience with Bingo Fabulous online hall?
I have found on the Internet some good reviews for Bingo Fabulous but I want to be sure before I register an account there. What is your experience with Bingo Fabulous? Are they really a serious bingo...
2 answers
Posted by Bremen in 2013-10-14 10:30:52
What is your experience with Bingo.com online hall?
If someone here already uses Bingo.com and would like to share their experience about them, it would be appreciated. I want to open there an account but I need to hear some opinions first about them. ...
3 answers
Posted by sevilla in 2013-10-14 10:16:16
Can I play Blue square Bingo games on an iphone?
Does Blue square Bingo have an iphone support software? Where can I find if I can play trough my Iphone at this bingo website? I dont want to try this and lose some money, I need to know this for sure...
1 answers
Posted by shaggagar in 2013-10-08 07:57:06