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Do you believe it is good to expand my book operation?
For almost 8 years I have booked heavy action locally. Because my bankroll has expanded, I decided to try to expand the operation. What I want to do is offer credit to more people online who pass a background check. Do you believe it is good to expand my book operation?
11.02.2015, 09:50
Rank: 1
This month:
It seems like you want to take local action and run a full Shop. Up till here it is ok, but if you consider to get players from online, meaning forums, you make a big mistake.

Maybe you should do a google search on creditwagering.com and see how good they did with cheking back rounds. You either build your client list from the Streets with meeting face to face, or you keep it small.

And if you want to start a Post up shop, where you get the money up front and give out Bonuses, good luck with that.

12.02.2015, 08:48
Rank: 1
This month:
In this day and age of moving money will be a problem. People that have been in the business for years have problems, and is ever changing.

You probably are using a PPH shop, there are a few things that they won't do for you.

Your best Bet is that you stay Local and use the PPH shop to take our players action. Then you collect or pay in person. If you have any good, solid out of state players, then that's fine. Anyone new, have them put up money up front. Let's say they want 1000 credit per week, have them put up half. If they lose and don't pay by Monday, cut the off until they pay.

This is my best advice for you, good luck!
12.02.2015, 08:59
Rank: 1
This month:
I have a friend who lives in Florida and has a local guy in NY that will collect & Pay. He has anyone out of state put up either half or all of the credit line until there are a few pays and collects.

As or the payment options, you wouldn't wory much if you keep it local.

Only good option are Money Orders. Have them take a photo of the MO's and let them Mail it by priority mail (comes with delivery confirmation) takes 2-4 days anywhere in the US. If they bitch about the 5.65 it cost, tell them you will pay it.

Anyway, any bigger guys use express mail, $18.95, I am not sure, and you pay. But at least you will get it in one day.
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