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Do you think it's more profitable to specialize in one sport to bet on?
Many bettors, including myself, bet on various sports in order to make money. I personally prefer soccer but I place my bets on other sports too, like tennis and others, but just on the matches of which I sure. Do you think it's more profitable to specialize in one sport to bet on?
15.12.2014, 13:04
Rank: 1
This month:
I'd say that it is and isn't at the same time. First, It is better to specialize in one sport because you will know better when to place your bets and on which team considering that you will focus on the entire championship or tournament. Other than this you might lose some good bets that you could have placed with pretty high chances of winning if you just focus a little on other sports too.

Sportsbooks offer all kinds of events to bet on all year long. September brings NFL and college football, running through January, In October starts the NBA and NHL which run trough June, and in November there is college basketball which run through the end of the season by March Madness.

So if you look at the big picture you can see that it is a lot going on, and money to be made easily if you don't focus only on one sport.
15.01.2015, 10:53
Rank: 1
This month:
But you also have to consider the offseason of a specific sport. During offseason most bettors just switch gears and focus on the active sports. They figure they can just catch up on the offseason later.

They key is to keep up with daily happenings such as: personnel changes, prospect development, transactions and other important stuff, on a year-round basis and you will probably have a huge advantage over the public.
15.01.2015, 11:26
Rank: 1
This month:
You can't be that ignorant and think that bookmakers are not sharp. They have to be extremely sharp and most of them are, because they wouldn't stay in business very long if not.

Their, let me call it, disadvantage is the fact that they have to cover all up in order to keep up with customer demands. So at the end of the day, it is you the bettor who is in control of what you decide to focus on and boost your bankroll.

If you play smart enough and if you specialize on only one sport you can easily overcome the bookmakers, at least in some aspects which can easily boost you up and increase your bankroll. So If you look at things from this perspective, you will definitely think that focusing on only one sport is a good idea. But you also have to keep in mine veldhusir_tipser's opinion.
16.01.2015, 16:01
Rank: 1
This month:
Many imagine the bookmakers as the perfect enterprise to work flawlessly and against odds which one has long term chances. The reality is, however, that there are quite a few who make permanent gains and earn more than just poket money with sports betting.

It is also true that large bookmakers are investing a lot of money, technology and human resources in the calculating of the correct odds. But the fact is also that bookmakers focus mainly on the mass of the betters and often put up "people's quotes" The biggest advantage of the bookmakers is the house edge and the lack of knowledge of the general public.

Now, if you think about it, specializing in one sport only might help you beat the bookmakers at some levels, like the guys above me stated. Because it is pretty hard for you, as one single person, to keep up with bookmakers and understand the games better if you are betting on all kind of sports. But if you choose only one sport, rather if it is your favorite sport or just a sport that you find easier betting on, I think you will be able to collect more value information and place your bets more accurate. And this will only bring you more money into your bankroll.
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