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How do the over/under's bets work and why should I bet using this type of bet?
What do I miss, it is over/under type of bet that profitable? Can someone tell me what is the main benefit for choosing this? I don't bet that often, but I regularly read about over/under bets on free tips. How do the over/under's bets work and why should i bet using this type of bet?
It's betting on futures a stupid thing to do, what do you think?
09.12.2014, 13:38
Rank: 1
This month:
This type of betting is often the best wager you can make on a game. Let's face it, some games are toss-up and you really can't find an edge to pick one team over the other.

Let me explain this with an example. I think it is easier this way. Let's take a Colts - Jaguars game where you see the point spread listed and also another value, 55.5, listed. This is the total. You bet whether the total points scored by both teams will be more than or less than 55.5.

So, if the match ends with the score of 40-41 for example, the total equals 54 points which is under 55.5. But if the match ends with a score of 40-17, the score equals 57 which is over 55.5.

11.12.2014, 10:58
Rank: 1
This month:
@bimshop, you are totally right. This is how over/under bets work. But you may also see a small wrinkle in the total where it looks like this 55.5 o -110 and 55.5 u + 105.

Now what this means is that the total remains at 55.5, but the amount of juice or vig you must risk is different. To wager the Over value, you have to risk 110 to win 100. If you want to wager the under value, you get to risk 100 to win 105.

It is not only that simple, I just made a small point only to make it simpler to read.
15.12.2014, 14:12
Rank: 1
This month:
If there is one thing I know, is making good money as a punter. I only place my bets on two sports: horse racing and football. The reason I do so is because if you restrict yourself to a small area of an entire genre, it is far easier to learn the games more in depth.

So in what football's concern, I apply the over/under 2.5 goal system. This system has served me for quite a few years now and I continue to implement it. I have never really shown it to anyone before except the odd family member and friend.

Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 goals betting is not an exact applied science. By this I mean if you go and do the proper research and it seems like a 100% sure bet, there is no saying it will win. Still, one of the greatest things about betting on under or over 2.5 goals is the fact that I almost always get decent odds. The odds are somewhere around 1.60 or 2.00
17.01.2015, 08:34
Rank: 1
This month:
There are times when the moneyline/point spread for a game is there but it lacks the total. Well, sometimes the oddsmakers will wait closer to game time to post the total for a number of reasons.

But, if there is a moneyline and or a point spread but no total, that might be due to a weather related factor. In other words, if a snow storms hits, it will have a great impact on the game, and that will definitely affect the totals. Other times an injury might be a factor.

Well, I hope you've got the point. Until those unpredictable factors are a little more certain, the line may be off the board.
17.01.2015, 09:33
Rank: 1
This month:
In my opinion future betting in the right spots can definitely be a profitable tool for sports bettors. However, it is important to consider that bookmaker's edge on a future bet is much higher than that of a straight bet.

Let me explain, a straight wager gives a bookmaker a 4.55% edge while a future bet can have a house edge of 20%, making future betting much more difficult to beat long term. A future wager in most cases, ties up your bankroll for weeks and possibly months, so future wagers may not be best for those with limited rolls or bettors who want daily action.

Still i believe that most profitable bettors do make their fair share of future bets, the key here is line shopping at multiple sites and calculating your juice to look for value.
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