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How much does fatigue matter in NBA betting?
Do you think that getting a handle on a team's fatigue level is a key element of any successful NBA betting strategy? How much does fatigue matter in NBA betting?
03.12.2014, 09:37
Rank: 1
This month:
I think it is as important as any other aspect that can influence the team's play. And as a bettor you have to consider all aspects that can affect your bet. So, in my opinion getting a handle on a team's fatigue level is a key element of any successful NBA betting strategy.

You know that there are times during the season when teams play three games in four nights. This definitely affects their energy level, no matter how pro the players are.

If you only think about this aspect you are definitely going to understand that is important to handicap a team's schedule to look for spots where they might be out of gas, or where they could be fresh.
04.12.2014, 11:48
Rank: 1
This month:
As a bettor you will never be able to fully analyze every aspect and variable that might affect a team's play. Because at the bottom line a bet is a gamble. But it is important to consider the most important ones and in my opinion, fatigue is an important aspect that will definitely influence in a considerable way a team's play.

But not only the physical fatigue matters, also the mental one. If a team plays many away matches and they come to play on their own pitch they can feel pretty tired, because they get the feeling of being home now, and will not be able to concentrate like they did at the away matches, where they were focused only on the game.
09.12.2014, 12:01
Rank: 1
This month:
I like how you separate the physical fatigue from the mental one. And you are totally right, these two forms of fatigue matter the most in every sport, not only in basketball.

But I believe that if the players are pro players and the team have a great coach they will manage to overcome this fatigue in order to play a game at their best. Anyway, I like to look up the team that I am about to bet on, and I always check the previous matches that they've played and against who they've played, so I believe that somehow I am checking the team's fatigue status.

The mental one on the other hand is harder to anticipate or to quantify, because you can't get in player's head and know what they feel. And if you look at their evolution in the other games that they've played, you might only see the physical fatigue.
09.12.2014, 13:53
Rank: 1
This month:
A tired brain can slow your physical performance. This statement is true and of course it is very important to consider when you bet on sports. What is interesting about this is the fact that you don't have to be physical tired in order to give less in a game, you can just be tired because you lack sleep to watch a tv show last night and now you will simply not going to perform as well as you did in the previous matches.

So if you are mental tired or you brain is tired, you will not be willing to "fight" any more, and you will probably quite before your muscle would drain of power. Because the brain influences your physical state as well, not only you state of mind.

This also apply to soccer, and it doesn't depend on the fact that the effort is continuous or intermittent.
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