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How sandwich game theory works and why so many bettors use it?
I know it has a funny name, right? But I heard so many bettors talking about this theory and say that it's great. How sandwich game theory works and why so many bettors use it?
04.12.2014, 11:25
Rank: 1
This month:
The sandwich game theory is easy to understand. A team, doesn't matter which one, regardless if it is good or weak, is not capable of playing a match at 100%. Not even a player can give 100% on the pitch, he will most probably have good days and bad days as well.

Now, to get back to the sandwich game theory. A sandwich game is a game that a team plays between two important or hard matches. In my opinion this aspect is very important to consider if you are a bettor. Because almost every week we see teams that inexplicably play way above or below their potential. One of the variables that affect this teams might be these sandwich games that they have to play at some point during the season.

It will be very good if as a bettor you could understand when this matches will occur, but most of the times this matches are hard to predict. Still, one angle to consider is the Sandwich Game Theory.

08.12.2014, 13:53
Rank: 1
This month:
Let me draw you a picture of it to understand it better. Let's think about Indianapolis Colts which in 2010 had the following three games on their schedule in a row. First one at New Orleans, than home to Buffalo and finally the one against Tennessee.

The home match, the one that they have to play against Buffalo was the less important match out of the 3 that they had to play in a row. Still, it was pretty hard for them to bring the best effort in that game. Because the other two were more important for them.

So a team spirit and game are directly influenced by the more important matches that they have to play before and after that one "simple" match that they have.

My advice is to look twice at situations like this before placing your bets, because you will likely catch the team in its sandwich game playing something less than their best.
09.12.2014, 14:13
Rank: 1
This month:
I say that this theory is maybe one of the most important theories that you should definitely consider if you are betting on NFL. The NFL is a league filled with parity, and that can lead to some frustrating outcomes for bettors. Some weeks, a team can look like it's unbeatable and other times, the same team falls into an inexplicable funk against the unlikeliest of opponents.

If you come to make sens of the ups and downs of NFL betting, you will most certainly be the sharpest bettor there is. Still, there are reasons for the madness and one of the ideas behind this is the sandwich game theory.

Now, if you want to simplify your life, you can consider this theory, because you will get a sense of what might happen and don't bet on a team just because they played 10 games good and won the previous season. You will bet on a team considering their state of mind and fatigue, because you will consider the sandwich game theory which states that in 3 matches in a row, with the first and the last one being pretty hard matches, at the one in the middle, even if it looks a simple one, your team could experience trouble winning the match.
15.12.2014, 11:29
Rank: 1
This month:
This theory is also known as the look-ahead or let-down spot, it is when a team has a weaker opponent scheduled between two key match ups, just like modulin explained.

For most NFL fans, the sandwich game theory applies to how many smoked meat on ryes they can shovel into their gut during the course of four quarters. For NFL bettors, it means something entirely different. The first thought behind this theory is that the team will probably come off an intense meeting with a tough opponent the week before and not carry that intensity against he lesser team.

But as expected from any other theory, there comes a time when the actual games don't happen accordingly. Football bettors were burned by the let down spot many times last season.
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