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Is discipline the difference between a good player and a pro in poker?
I've been playing poker for about 2 years and have gone/going through 2 Massive losing streaks. The first one I experience I went from 300$ - 50$ in 2 months. That was on full tilt poker. But as time has passed, I started to play better and win money on a daily basis. Is all about the discipline, what do you think?
Are there times when slow rolling is justifiable in poker?
16.02.2015, 15:04
Rank: 1
This month:
I say you better look at your stats over your losing streak and see if you're doing anything different. Check your all-in expected EV, if you're running absurdly below could be the problem right there. If not, you've probably doing something wrong due to tilt or bad mindset, i.e. playing too many hands in the blinds, folding too many rivers in big pots.

Also, if it's hard to notice someone playing differently than everyone else while 6-tabling, you should cut down on tables.
16.02.2015, 15:14
Rank: 1
This month:
From the way you are describing your situation, it sounds like you are not using a HUD. If you are 6-tabling for example, a HUD will liekly help your play and eliminate a lot of the quesswork from tryint to figure out just how loose/passive your opponents are. The way you are playing, I think you may be giving some of your fishier opponents too much credit, and you may be losing value in some hands when you are smashing their range and not charging them the maximum.

I'd also say you should check your bankroll management. Moving up with 10 buyins for the new level and losing harlf your roll can happen very easily. 5 buyins up or down while multitabing in one bad session is completely standard.
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